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Spa Services

Get a Sparkling Smile in Under an Hour

Bare Necessities Tanning Salon & Day Spa can make
you smile with confidence. Whether you have a big job interview, graduation, wedding, or event coming up – or if you just want to look your best while out running errands – having shiny, white teeth will restore your confidence in letting the world see your beautiful smile.

Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening System

The Bleach Bright teeth whitening system uses the most advanced and innovative technology and materials to whiten your teeth safely, quickly, and with maximum results. Our special, gentle whitening gel contains active ingredients* that remove not only surface stains, but also the stains found deep inside the teeth. So your teeth get whiter faster, and stay whiter longer with little to no tooth sensitivity.

Using the same whitening light as the dentist and powerful yet gentle hydrogen peroxide gels, the cold blue light, accelerates the teeth whitening process to deliver results of 2-10 shades whiter teeth.  The results are impressive!  Improvements in 20 minutes.  


              • 2-10 Shades Whiter Teeth
              • Safe, Fast and Effective
              • No Down Time, Pain, Mess
              • Whitens Hard-to-Reach Areas
              • No Harmful UV or Heat
              • 1/3 the cost of other solutions

Only $99.95 for 20 minutes of treatment!

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The Rejuvasun or Light Therapy bed is a very unique bed for us at Bare Necessities Tanning Salon & Day Spa. It comes equipped as a 32 lamp sunbed that is very similar to our Level 1 sunbed. The difference between the Rejuvasun and the Level 1 sunbed is that the Rejuvasun has 1 extra body fan and has 2 High Pressure facial lamps and 1 LED facial panel.

The main feature of the Rejuvasun bed is it's bank of LED lights sitting where the center facial panel would be located. The LED unit gives off low energy light pulses in specific frequencies and color of light to help skin appear smoother and younger looking.

Now you can have your spa treatment at a fraction of the cost.  You can't go wrong with this as there is no recovery time, no redness and no peeling that is often associated with many spa facial treatments.

For best results, the "Rejuvaskin System" that incorporates cleansing, conditioning, repairing, tightening, and moisturizing with the light therapy session is available for a nominal fee.

With this unique bed, you can do the light therapy treatment alone, or you can add a tanning session at the same time for a small fee.

Session time: 20 minutes

For best results- we recommend a 3 month routine.
    ~ 3 Sessions per week for 4 weeks
    ~1 Session per week thereafter for Maintenance
    ~Repeat the regime every 3 months

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Body Wraps

Formostar Infrared body wraps is a body wrap performed while you are fully clothed - so no awkwardness for anyone!  60 minutes of you time - take a nap, watch a movie, whatever you want!

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