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Sunless Tanning

UV Free Custom Spray Tan 

After extensive research on the many different sunless spray options that are available on the market, we at Bare Necessities Tanning Salon & Day Spa decided that the best choice was with the hand held H.V.L.P. (high velocity low pressure) gun.

This service is perfect for those who want the color but don’t have the time to make a commitment to come in several times a week to get their UV base tan.  It is great for parties, dances, competitions, weddings and other events.

A trained technician manually sprays each client for a custom tanning experience.  We can go with just a touch of color for that “healthy” look and we can also do several different shades darker to help give great color, without the orange, for a more tanned look.  The custom spray tan is also excellent for blending in those areas that are a little harder to tan also; like your legs and face.

We use a very natural looking solution, that dries quickly and streak-free so there isn’t the “orange” look.  There is an odor inhibitor that will eliminate the odor normally associated with most sunless products.  There are additional bronzers to help extend the life of your tan, caffeine that corrects and prevents skin damage from overexposure to the sun and copper which is used for skin firming.  The color from your custom spray tan will last anywhere from 7 - 10 days – as is typical for almost any sunless spray tan.

For best results:

Consult a technician to customize your spray tan regime for the best results for you.

Each session is scheduled for half an hour so that our technicians can make sure to do a superb job on your custom spray tan.

Make an appointment for your custom spray tan today!

Membership Package Pricing

Sunless Access - $78.88 per month*
                            Up to 4 spray tans a month

*Auto-pay required, no sign up fee if account in good standing (past clients) 

~Client Review~

July 10th

I have always been hesitant to get a spray tan, as I have seen the orange color and drip marks on other people from the booths. I asked alot of questions to the staff, and felt great when they explained the process. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at their professionalism, and their desire to make my tan look perfect. After I put a cream on my elbows and between my fingers, I was gently misted, and fan dried. Then the technician took a step back to see her work, unsatisfied with the underside of my arms, she went back to work misting me. Once she had felt she covered me well, she led me to a tanning bed where I spend a few minutes warming up (drying, I assume). Then back to the room where she looked me over again, (she must be a perfectionist) and found some other areas to touch up. I was shocked when she said for me to come back in the morning for touch ups before my flight to vegas if I felt that I needed it. This is the kind of customer service that doesnt exist in just any tanning salon. I also have to say that the color was very natural, and I got compliments while in vegas! I will be back before every trip!  
                                                                                                                                                                                                              WC- In Puyallup
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